Saturday, August 9, 2014

Welcome to the Baum Temple of Speed!

Welcome!  There has been much delay on this blog awaiting the final name decision.  As of 6:43 pm today, we are a go!  Some other names that were considered:
-sub3x30: one of my next running goals
-WhiteNoise: a play on Green Silence - my primary running shoe
-GreenSilence: heck, Brooks isn't making them anymore, so the name seems fair game

Ultimately, I needed something a with a bit more substance; a name that had history and would be timeless.  So here's the story on "Baum Temple of Speed."  Back in the day (high school), my dad, brother, and I were quite into cars.  To the extent that we constructed a 40'x60' shop in the backyard.  During the design phase, an imaginative family friend suggested putting big columns on the facade and naming this place of worship to fast cars as the "Baum Temple of Speed."  The design suggestion didn't stick, but the name has been used on-and-off unofficially since that day.

Fast forward to 2011 when Lyndsey and I moved to Chicago.  Vintage muscle cars, open-wheeled machines, and sports bikes had now been put on hold for endurance sports.  Baum Temple of Speed - Chicago Branch now resided in a humble one bedroom apartment with an assortment of bike tools and various torturing devices (foam rollers, Addaday sticks, and TriggerPoint).

This brings us to today.  The intention of this blog is to cover a spectrum of topics; most will fall within running and biking, but may vary with whatever happens to intersect my life.  I'm certain it will not be updated on a regular cadence, so no need to set that Outlook reminder that you were just pulling up.  It will be a work in progress throughout the horizon and rarely the highest priority.

A quick props to some blogs that I have taken inspiration from: - This guy is a legend in running tech.  If there's a product that matters, he's written a 5 page report and photographed every angle! - I happen to know the author personally.  His writing is thorough and entertaining, not to mention he knows a ton about running! - The "old" blog where one can find some archived race recaps about one of the greatest running groups among friends that has ever been created.  Team LTD will live on and continue to compete, but I felt it appropriate to also start fresh with Baum Temple of Speed.
There's also a couple Facebook/Strava groups that I'd mention, but can't due to strict secrecy.  (If you're reading this, you know who you are - LNL.)

I will leave you with some blasts from the past of the original Baum Temple of Speed.

The original Baum Temple of Speed in the background, the Shelby and Sandy in the foreground.

With my '69 Torino GT senior year of high school...and long hair.

Andrew's Tbird and the subs that seemed to move from car to car.

Autocrossing the Formula Ford.

Andrew and Kenny getting the trailer loaded up.

Chuck and Andrew working on the Lotus Elan chassis.

Yamaha R6 was the preferred bike to have.

New pistons for the Supercoupe.

Engine all rebuilt and going back in.

Finished product at the Autocross.

Replacing head gaskets on Free Lessons for the first time.

Andrew and his 240Z.

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